On data science and data visualisation

“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, and teachers.” ― Richard Bach

Data Visualisation Bootcamp ★

An intensive five-week project-based online bootcamp on crafting data visualisation.

Recommendation Systems

An introduction to the art & science of building recommendation systems using machine learning & deep learning.

The Art of Data Science

An introduction to applying data science for solving business problem using the 'Frame - Acquire - Refine - Transform - Explore - Model - Insight' approach.

Data Visualisation for Data Science

A introduction to using R or Python libraries for data visualization for conducting exploratory data analysis & communicating insights visually.

Hacker Math for Machine Learning

A deep dive in to linear algebra, calculus & statistics used in machine learning though the “Hacker’s way” - by writing code and vis, not through formulae & proofs.

Applied Machine Learning

An intermediate level workshop on applied machine learning techniques covering linear models, tree-based models, model evaluation, feature engg & model selection.

Full Stack Data Science

Learn how to build a seamless end-to-end data driven application - Data Exploration, ML Model, RESTful API and Web App - to solve a business prediction problem.

Data Science Bootcamp

A five-day intensive bootcamp on learning data science - The Art of Data Science, Data Visualisation, Hackermath for ML, Applied ML and Full Stack Data Science.

Deep Learning Bootcamp

A two-day intensive bootcamp on learning applied deep learning - for image data and text data - in Python.

Data Analytics and Visualisation

Solving business problems though a data-driven lens & learning the skills of hypotheses driven approach, visual analytics, & data-vis using simple tools.

Interactive Data Visualisation

A beginner workshop on creating interactive data visualisations for data exploration & communication. No prior programming experience needed.

Data Visualisation Workshop

A thorough course on the art & science data-vis, including the grammar of graphics and its application across static, interactive, dashboard & narrative visualisations.

Crafting Visual Stories with Data

Exploring the intersection of data, story and visuals. An interactive workshop to learn how to build narrative data visualisation (storytelling and data vis together).

Designing Data Dashboards

A beginner workshop to learn about fundamentals of making interactive high density dashboards that are easy to understand and monitor for your business.

Data Visualisation Academic Course

A ten sessions course to learn the art and science of data visualisation, designed for delivery in academic institutes (MBA, Design, Engineering or Analytics focussed).


Selected list of academic institutes, corporates and conferences where I have given talks or conducted workshops on topics related to data science, machine learning, data visualisation and storytelling.