Visual Sketching

First steps in sketchnoting.

I have always wanted to combine the cognitive skill of listening with the visual skill of sketching. Below is my attempt to combine the two, while attending The Fifth Elephant, 2013

I believe there is a different kind of learning - when you are listening (aural) vs. when you are writing (visual) vs. when you are doing (kinesthetic). And if you can combine any two of these together in one session, then there is an order of magnitude increase in the learning.

Visual sketching in real-time while listening to these talks was my first attempt to do this. While I am not an artist by any stretch of imagination, I could always doodle a little bit. And I always liked taking notes. So I tried to be a more active participant in the conference and ensured I had a thick sketch-paper and a black gel pen. And this is what emerged!

Anand from Gramener

Varsha from Census India

Edouard from 10gen

Regunath from Flipkart

Gopal from Hortonworks

Andreas from Neo4j

Erik from Mozilla

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