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Amit Kapoor

Crafting Visual Stories with Data

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“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

Visdown - Make visualisation using markdown Visdown is a simple implementation to make visualisations using only markdown. Write your vis using a simple declarative markup like you would write code in markdown (wrapped in fenced block - three backticks - and mark the language as ‘vis’.

Think Stories, Not Slides Think Stories, Not Slides is a reference site for Speaking with Stories, Presenting with Impact. It uses the - See | Show | Tell | Engage - framework to provide helpful guides for everyone to become better at communicating with stories.

Djembe Visualisation djembeviz is an experiment to learn the djembe - an Africa drum - through visualisation. It aims to visualise sound - the loudness, the beat, the rhythm and the pattern. It is a fun project at the intersection of art & code. Go ahead and play with it.

Narrativeviz narrativeVIZ is where I experiment and teach how to craft visual stories with data. You can currently find an approach for crafting visual stories with data - Abstraction | Representation | Aesthetics | Framing & Transition | Messaging | Flow | Interactivity.

Utsmaya Utsmaya is a place where Ashok and I facilitate a workshop experience to enable anyone to flourish. We use three mediums - storytelling, djembe and role-plays - as a way for expression, exploration and discovery.