Living Vicariously

Thinking in prose and writing in verse.


I have always claimed to be a person who understands prose better than verse. Ramya on the other hand is a poet (and you can read her poetry at I have always struggled to grok verses, but I have been trying to read her poems for the last couple of weeks. She has challenged me not only to read her poetry but also to attempt to write poetry. So triggered by a buddhist talk and the constant state of second-hand thoughts, I penned this down. My first public poem.

Living Vicariously

Why does this vision in me
Try to look at thine images
Makes me picture those images
Which were never even seen by me

Why does this mind of mine
Try to mine from thine thoughts
Makes me relive those thoughts
Which were anyway never mine

Why does this heart within me
Try to dive in to thine joys
Makes me feel those joys
Which never arose within me

Why does this spirit of mine
Try to steal from thine halos
Makes me glow in those halos
Which were never radiantly mine