The Art of Data Science


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1. INTRO - “I think, therefore I am”

2. FRAME - “Framing the problem is often far more essential than its solution”

3. ACQUIRE - “Data is the new oil”

4. EXPLORE - “I don’t know, what I don’t know”

5. REFINE - “Data is messy”

6. MODEL - “All models are wrong, Some of them are useful”

7. INSIGHT - “The goal is to turn data into insight”

Workshop Details

Participant Profile — The workshop is ideal for anyone who is using open source software - R or Python stack for statistical analysis and visualization. If you are not using R or Python for statistical analysis, then existing familiarity with any other statistical programming tool like SPSS, SAS, MATLAB would be needed. There is no pre-requisite requirement to be familiar with the R or Python libraries mentioned above.

Tools Used - For doing the exercise during the workshop, we would be using R and R IDE - R Studio or Anaconda Distribution for Python. Please install the same in your machine prior to the workshop session. A detailed list of R or Python libraries to install would be shared ahead of the workshop session.

Number of Participants — The maximum number of participants for the workshop would be capped at 30. The small class size would enable a more participative environment with group interaction and presentations possible as well as opportunities to have one-to-one learning interactions.

Duration — The workshop would be conducted over 2 days from 0900 to 1700. There will be short breaks during the morning and afternoon session and a longer lunch break of around 45 minutes in the middle.

Venue Logistics — A training venue for the workshop, with availability of a projector, sound system and whiteboard would be needed for conducting the session.

Workshop Cost

The workshop would be charged at Rs. 150,000 per day (for Indian locations) or USD 5,000 per day (for International locations). Service tax and other government charges as applicable will be additional. Also, for sessions conducted outside of Bangalore, the facilitator’s travel and accommodation cost would be charged on actuals.

Facilitator's Profile

Amit Kapoor is interested in learning and teaching the craft of telling visual stories with data. He is the founder partner at narrativeVIZ Consulting, where he teaches data-science, data-visualisation and data-stories as tools for improving communication, persuasion, and leadership and conducts workshops on these topics for businesses, nonprofits, and academic institutes. He also teaches visualisation as a guest faculty in design context at NID, Bangalore and in management context at IIM Bangalore & IIM Ahmedabad

His background is in strategy consulting in using data-driven stories to drive change across organizations and businesses. He has more than 15 years of management consulting experience, first with AT Kearney in India, then with Booz & Company in Europe and more recently for startups in Bangalore. He did his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Delhi and PGDM (MBA) from IIM, Ahmedabad. You can find more about him at and tweet him at @amitkaps.