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The Workshop Journey

Everyone can flourish in life.

Bloom, thrive, and prosper. We each have a seed in us that if provided the right nourishment and support can flower in its own unique way. We don’t need to follow any traditional path or fit ourselves into a framework of how everyone works. We need to explore and find our own true nature and craft the unique way in which we can succeed in our endeavours at work and beyond.

Three art forms - Roleplay, Storytelling, and Music (Djembe)

We will be using three lenses - three different art forms - to get started on this journey. Each art form will be used in a session as the chosen medium for expression, exploration and discovery.

Start this journey from inside to the outside.

We will begin with an awareness about ourselves and our own unique presence. Then try to understand how we communicate with people and how do we craft our own narrative - to tell our own unique story. Finally, we will explore how we interact within a group and try and find your own rhythm within a group.

Come with an open mind

Only, if we are willing to step out of our traditional logical-analytical self - our left brain, and are willing to look at the world through a different lens, a lens which is maybe more oral, aural, visual and kinesthetic - our right brain, then there is a potential to explore these topics in a different light.


Playing Your Role

Roleplay is about self exploration - how to start the journey to understand our own presence

It begins with awareness. Am I aware of the person, the body and the mind? Build an understanding of space within and around you.

Then, lets explore the art of communication. How do I communicate with people? Experience the language of body, voice, and tone at play here.

Finally, explore your own communication style at work. Start to make your own presence felt in your unique way.


Building Your Narrative

Storytelling is about self expression - how each one of us can effectively create our own narrative.

It begins with listening. How do we listen to each other and their stories? Understand that unique dynamics of a listener and a teller which makes a story emerge.

Then, lets explore the design of a good story. What are the essential elements of a story? Use story improv to get initiated into storytelling.

Finally, learn to craft our own narrative. Start to tell our own story - both childhood and personal / work stories.


Finding Your Rhythm

Music is about discovery - finding our own rhythm when we are alone or are part of a group.

It begins with observing our own interaction. What is the beat I am playing? Use percussion like djembe to start this journey.

Then, lets explore who we are within the group. How do we co-ordinate and express ourselves within a group - when we are leading or following?

Finally, find our own rhythm in a group. Start to understand our unique beat and pattern within groups and maybe, beyond that in life.



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About Us

About Us

Ashok Kumar

My journey in theatre began with joining a theatre company for 4 years, where I discovered the actor within. My devotion to the art led me to play various roles from Jesus Christ to Karna of Mahabharatha. Off the stage, I have tried a hand at everything from set design to direction. I have acted in many prestigious theatre festivals, including three times at the National Theatre Festivals organized by Sangeet Natak Academy.

To hone my theatre skills further, I have spent a year with Khalid Tyabji's theatre ensemble in Hampi. I have used theatre in the corporate sector, having done stress management and team building workshops for various companies including Motorola and many educational and social organisations.

My musical journey began with the tabla and found fulfilment in the djembe. I am a true fusion musician, having played with Carnatic, Hindustani and even dabbled with electronica. I am now working with my dream project – Shoonya.

Read more about me at jembeashok.com

Amit Kapoor

I experiment with telling visual stories with data. I have conducted storytelling workshops for corporates and academic institutes.

In the last ten years, I worked as a management consultant - first with AT Kearney in India and then with Booz & Company in Europe to drive strategic change and help them write and execute their stories. I completed my B. Tech degree from IIT Delhi and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad.

Read more about me at amitkaps.com



Amit Kapoor amit@amitkaps.com

Ashok Kumar jembeashok@gmail.com